Bicycle and cycle insurance

Insuring your cycles under a separate policy may be a good way to ensure that you have the right cover from a cycle insurance specialist. You are also more likely to be able to tailor your cycle insurance to provide the cover for your specific needs. For example if you use your bike for commuting or racing etc. Every minute a cycle is stolen and only a small percentage are ever recovered and returned back to their rightful owner.

There are many different elements of cover you may wish to consider e.g.

Do you want 3rd party liability insurance included as part of the cycle insurance?

Cycle Insurance can provide cover against third party claims for injury or damage caused by your bike. Even if your bicycle itself is covered adequately under your home contents policy you may find that you are not covered for "public liability".

Do you want cover outside of the home, if not you may find that your home insurance provides the cover needed?

Its well worth checking how much home insurance cover you have, and what level of cover is offered to you and your cycle especially if you park it away from your home, as some home insurance policies can be restrictive on cover away from your home. Very often you will need to specify your bikes and pay an additional premium.


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