Bike Safety

The following checks are recommended when you haven't used your motorcycle for a while.

Your Bike

Your motorcycle may have been in good working order when you last used and it may still have a current MOT. If you haven't used it for a while e.g. though the winter, a comprehensive check of the bike is a very good idea. As a minimum you should pay special attention to the following parts of your motorcycle:

If you are not confident in doing the check yourself you should take your bike to a reputable dealership who should be able to carry out this for you. You might want to consider having a full service for the bike. See directory of UK bike dealerships.

Your bike gear - helmets etc.

Ensure that you check your safety equipment before using it. Definitely make sure you check the webbing on your helmet and scratched visors. Damaged helmets or helmets with worn webbing or straps must be replaced immediately. Your helmet could literally be the difference between life and death in an accident as such it is essential to look after it. Scratched visors effect your vision when riding especially at night or in wet weather.

If you have protective motorcycle clothing - wear it even if your intended journey is only short.

Accidents can and very often do happen close to home so there is no room for complacency in this respect.


Like any other activity to be competent preparation and practice is essential.

Motorcycle safety