Motorcycle Accidents

Statistically your chances of avoiding an accident throughout your riding career, are low, so its important to be prepared. If you have an accident with another motorist, there are a number of things which you must do:

Collecting Accident Evidence

It will help if you collect as much information about the scene, damage and injuries sustained. Obviously, you can't easily carry a camera, but it may be worth returning to the scene later.

Collecting evidence after the accident

Keep a pen, pencil, some paper and a disposable camera in a waterproof bag under your seat. In the event of an accident you'll be able to take pictures of damage, road layouts etc. A copy of the high way code can also help resolve any disputes.

You should collect details of:

If you obtained details of witnesses, don't forget to contact them (the same day if possible) you need to identify what they saw, where they were and importantly who's fault it was. Don't argue with them, be friendly and polite, even if they thought you were to blame. You can then identify who is your best witness from their version of events.

Making a claim

Your statement whether via a claim form or verbal statememt needs to tell your bike insurer what happened, who was in the wrong, how the accident could or could not have been avoided.

Always state the lane, speed and direction you were going and the position of the other vehicle when you first noticed it, estimate their speed if necessary. Did you have your lights on? Did you have any high visibility clothing? Did you flash, sound your horn or indicate. Clearly state the actions of the other motorist. State if you think they could see you. If it was their fault say what they did wrong. Did they indicate in anyway. Did they admit liability.

Try to include a diagram if it helps clarify the situation.

Road surface issues

If you've had a spill for no apparent reason and no other vehicle was involved, it may well be due to poor road surface. Pot holes, gravel, sand and diesel spills are major causes of motorcycle accidents, but don't despair, you could get your bike fixed without claiming on your insurance. Your local council is responsible for maintaining the roads. If you suffer loss or damage as a result of poor surfaces, you may be able to claim compensation. Some authorities take the irresponsible attitude of paying out claims rather than fixing the roads, as many people don't bother claiming. You’ll need to collect evidence of the fault and show receipts for repairs etc. Be sure to act quickly as you may find your evidence gets swept up.


Unfortunately, motorcyclists have a much higher risk of accident than many other road users. It's important to know what to do if it happens