Guide to getting cheaper car insurance

Guide to getting cheaper car insuranceShop around

Shop around for insurance every year. Each insurance company calculates its rates differently and premiums can vary by as much as a thousand pounds in some cases. As a general rule contact three companies, if the premiums are roughly the same the you probably aren't going to save much by continuing.

Cost reduction tips

  • If you have a garage - park your car in it and tell your insurer that you are doing it
  • Don't say you do more miles than you do. Another tip is that if you do just under 10,000 miles a year, try putting 9,999 in the estimated mileage box. This could move your mileage into a different bracket and get you cheaper insurance
  • Only insure what you need to insure and don't include drivers on your policy who never drive
  • Consider taking a higher excess - this can save money
  • If you get married - tell your insurer as many treat husband and wives as lower risks. It can be result in cheaper insurance than just one of you driving

Use the internet?

Many insurance providers offer discounts for customers who use the web, this can range from 5% to 20%. Our simple to use quote form will allow you to compare premiums from over 80 different insurers


What ever you do don't lie or withhold information that is requested. The last thing you need is for a claim to be refused because your insurance has been invalidated. Even if you don't have a claim you could be prosecuted for fraud.

Insurance myths

  • Women are safer drivers - this is certainly true for young drivers due to the fact that women mature slightly faster than men. But by early 20's this is no longer the case and there is no evidence to suggest that women are safer drivers.
  • Insurance companies have no way of checking if I have lied about a past claim - Wrong, insurers have a number of systems they subscribe to and share information with. Just because an insurance company takes your business doesn't mean you have got away with it. Most insurers will only check the information you give when you make a claim. If they find that you have lied you could find that the claim is not paid and you may even be charged with fraud.




















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