How you live your life can effect your car insurance premiums

There are a large number of factors about how you live your life that can affect your car insurance premiums. Not all insurance companies consider the same factors which is why we recommend that you shop around.

First get a car insurance quote from us and then why not compare it with other insurance providers.

Your Job

Occupation is a common factor that can affect premium. If your job is office based you are more likely to get a discount on your premiums due to your job than if you are a scrap dealer or motor mechanic. People in the motor trade often get higher premiums than say office workers. The reasons for this vary but it is worth bearing in mind that different insurers use occupations in different ways.

Where you live can affect your car insurance premium

Postcode is a major car insurance factor. It is one of the easiest ways an insurance provider has to make a judgment about your premium. If you live in a low crime area or in the country you are likely to get a lower premium than if you live in the centre of London or Liverpool.

Your age will affect your car insurance premium

Younger drivers have more accidents. Its a sad fact of life but it is true. As such many insurance companies try to avoid young drivers. They will either do this by increasing the premiums or by simply refusing to quote.

The good news is that some insurers will provide insurance to young drivers. If you are a young driver it can be worth using a quote facility like ours which will trawl the market to find a good quote for you.

If you are over forty or fifty then you can benefit from lower premiums on your car insurance because of your experience you are less likely to have an accident. Accidents cost insurers money and the less likely you are to have an accident the lower your premium.

Your gender will affect your car insurance premium

Women generally will get a lower premium than Men. Insurance companies tend to see women as less likely to have accidents than men.




















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