What to do if you are involved in a car accident

What to do immediately following a road traffic accident

  • The first rule is Don’t Panic!
  • Ensure everyone involved is safe.
  • Switch off the engines of all vehicles involved.
  • Activate hazard warning lights and alert oncoming traffic about the accident.
  • In the event of serious injury, or obstruction, call the emergency services on 999 from a land line, or 112 from a mobile.
  • Remain calm, do not admit liability or offer any form of settlement.
  • By law the vehicles should not be moved. However if they are causing a serious hazard do so, but not until an independent witness has noted their position.
  • After any form of accident you must, by law, STOP. Again by law, you must inform the police of the accident within 4 hours if there has been any injury. You are also bound by law to present your motor insurance details to the police within 7 days if requested.
  • Exchange details with the other parties involved. This will include: names and addresses of the drivers and owners of the vehicles, together with registration numbers of the vehicles and insurance details.
  • Draw a sketch plan or take photos of the area, showing the road layout, the position of the vehicles involved, named of surrounding roads, traffic signs, road widths, markings and skid marks.
  • If your vehicle needs moving, the attending police will arrange this and have it taken to a safe depot or garage.

What to do later, after the accident: ·

  • Ensure that you contact your insurer or insurance broker and inform them immediately of the accident.
  • Your insurance company or broker will handle all the arrangements to get your car inspected by an independent assessor.
  • If your insurance allows, your insurer will arrange for a replacement vehicle if yours is not road worthy.
  • If the accident was not your fault, or any of your passengers were injured, it would be wise to contact a solicitor who will pursue a claim on your behalf.
  • Ensure you have your insurance company or brokers details and contact numbers




















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