Car Security - preventing insurance claims and keeping your premiums down

Your car is likely to be one of the largest purchases you make. Its loss through an accident, fire or theft can not only leave you out of pocket but also seriously inconvenienced.

It make sense to take care of your car and reduce the risk of losing it through it being stolen. We'll talk you through some of the things you can do to help reduce the risk of a car insurance claim for car theft. Some insurers will also give you a discount on your car insurance premiums if you take some of the steps detailed below:

Parking in Public

  • Always try to park your car in a well-lit public place.

  • Hide any personal property from view - preferably in a locked boot

  • Never leave keys in your car

  • Don't leave your insurance certificate and registration document in the car.

  • Make sure you always lock your car and close the windows

Parking at home

  • If possible park your car in a garage - many insurers will offer a discount for a garaged vehicle

  • If you park your car in your driveway then consider putting gates or security posts at the end of it

  • Park your car in clear view from your home so you can keep an eye on it

Car security

There are a number of security devices that you can fit to a car in order to help deter a thief. These include:

  • Car alarms - car insurance companies often give discounts for certain types of car alarm. Look out for Thatcham approved alarms.

  • Trackers - these devices allow the Police to locate your car - for high value cars some insurance companies will insist on a tracker device being fitted

  • Get your car registration number of your car etched into every window

  • Have an approved immobiliser fitted. Immobilisers can be either electronic or mechanical, such as a steering lock. Either type will help to prevent your car being driven away by an intruder.




















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